Stickans och Covid-19

Covid-19 has affected Stickan's operations in a very tangible way:

  • All events from March 2020 onwards have been canceled and thus a lot of income has been lost.
  • The number of visitors to our Peer support has decreased due to the fact that those who visit us have great respect for Covid-19.
  • We have reduced Peer support  opening hours to be able to work with meetings digitally, via phone, email, etc.
  • We work to ensure that every visitor feels safe when they come up to Peer support . We work according to the Public Health Authority's recommendations so that we all feel good in these pandemic times.

What can you do for Stickans?

  • You who visit Stickans Peer support  should/must stay home if you feel the slightest symptoms that could be Covid-19. Be sure to wash your hands and keep your distance. It's for everyone's good!
  • Hire Stickans for various assignments. Our main focus is to help with procurement for the elderly and others in need on behalf of the Municipality. But we have time left over for other missions, so just hit the signal!

Peter, Ulrika, Lennart och Gillis