About IOGT-NTO Stickan

We are dedicated to helping you.  

IOGT-NTO Stickan is one of the country's IOGT-NTO associations that has been operating in Jönköping for a decade. All associations decide on their own activities and we have invested in peer support activities right from the start. 

IOGT-NTO Stickan is led by a board and has four employees who work within the association with various types of activities. 

Our goal is to help people to a better life, regardless of what is weighing them down. When you come to us, we are not an authority but can gently help and support through conversations and other activities. 

Within IOGT-NTO, it is well known that coffee is important. So you can come up to us and have a coffee, talk a little and maybe get a piece of food that we get from a restaurant. 

Within the association, activities are also carried out to help people into the labor market and a work-integrating social enterprise is run here. The focus is on everything from events to moving and cleaning. Our customers are everything from companies, associations and private individuals, and within the clientele we also have people with social needs. 

Regardless of whether you are or want to become a customer of ours or you are a person with different needs, you are equally welcome to us. We are available when you need us!