Stickans Accounting & Consultant

We help companies develop!

Stickans Bokföring & Konsult works with finance, administration and other consulting tasks for mainly work-integrating social enterprises, but also for other companies and non-profit associations.

At Stickans, you can get help with everything from starting your company to the day-to-day operations in terms of finances and administration. Some customers choose to take care of the bookkeeping themselves and instead get help with financial statements, annual reports and declarations. 

As a customer of Stickans, you decide the cost level yourself. If you are thorough and have all the documents in perfect order, my work will of course be much easier and ultimately cheaper for you. Together we shape a good business and association life. 

At En Trappa Upp and Snickeri Mimosa, Stickans Bokföring & Konsult participates in two different projects financed by the Norwegian Agency for Growth and the Coordination Association in Halland. This is about the development of administration, communication and production. 

On Facebook, there is up-to-date information about what is happening within Stickans Bokföring & Konsult.

Kontakt: Joakim Kihlberg

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