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IOGT-NTO Stickan in Jönköping was formed in 2010 and then Stickan's Peer support also started. In this activity, we help people who are in some way outside society and who, because of this, need help and support. 

IOGT-NTO Stickan also runs work-integrated social entrepreneurship in Stickan's Event and Service, where we employ people and work with various tasks such as events, service, moving, cleaning for companies, associations and private individuals. 

IOGT-NTO Stickan is also a partner in Navek Ekonomisk Förening, which has the business Stickans Bokföring & Konsult, which works with finances and administration for companies and associations. 

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Business services

Events & Services  

We have a service team that undertakes work such as moving assistance, moving house, company cleaning, home cleaning and window cleaning. We arrange the party with catering and DJ. 

We also turn to companies that need help with other various assignments. We unpack goods, inventory, refurnish and much more. 

With us, employees have great influence and participate in what we do. This means that you develop and gain stronger self-confidence. The purpose of our business is to help people enter the labor market and we do this by offering job training places and the opportunity for employment if necessary. For more info follow the link here Services

Accounting & Consultant

Today, we have several customers who are companies and associations that hire Stickans Bokföring & Konsult for various tasks in terms of finances and administration. 

Our main target group is social enterprises and associations within the IOGT-NTO movement, but we also have other customers. 

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Peer support and Job training


Stickan's Peer Support

Östra Storgatan 85 D

Ulrika Fingal 0708/ 76 17 58



Lennart Ericsson 0723/ 41 11 24



Gillis Christensen 0723/ 41 16 00


Peter Gustavsson 0730/ 75 29 96


Accounting and consulting

Näckrosstigen 2 i Huskvarna

Joakim Kihlberg 0708/ 76 44 39


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